Specialist Fencing

Quality Fencing has over 28 years of experience as fencing contractors in Kent. We can design and install fencing to your exact requirements.

Timber Acoustic Barriers

These can significantly reduce noise levels and are available for both domestic and commercial customers.

Dulok Rebound for Sports & Play Grounds

Dulok Rebound™ fencing has double steel wire mesh panels designed for sports areas. It’s ideal for areas where ball games are played because it is designed to absorb the impact of being hit and bounce the ball back into the games area.

Standard Dulok Rebound™ panels have horizontal wires 66.5mm apart and vertical wires 50mm apart. Dulok Sports™ panels allow you to have a denser mesh lower down and a more open mesh higher up.

Dulok panels are hard to cut and provide a practical solution for sports and games areas.

Euroguard Combi Fencing

A combination of timber and steel fencing that provides the look of wooden fence panels with added strength and security of steel fencing.

Hit and Miss Fence Panels

These are ideal for windy and exposed sites as the hit and miss design allows the wind to pass through the panels minimising the risk of damage.

Combine Hit and Miss panels with concrete posts and gravel boards for a sturdy, long lasting fence.

The horizontal hit and miss panels shown above are designed for use with slotted Jakposts. The panels have a profiled timber frame – not just nailed slats. All fixings are stainless steel and all timber is planed all round.

Less wind resistance. Looks good on both sides – ideal for shared fences. Matching garden gates available by clicking here.

Post & Rail Fencing with Stock Fencing

Our 25 year guaranteed timber post and rail fencing can be fitted with wire stock fencing at the back to provide an attractive and secure fence.

Trained Fencing Erectors for Difficult Sites

With over 28 years experience as fencing contractors throughout the Kent area, our installers can help with even the most difficult sites.

Finding solutions for sites where access is tricky or where neighbours have specific requirements is all in a day’s work for our experienced fencing installers.